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This page has been set up for the exclusive use of the registered users of the

Cambridge Explorer CD-ROM & Cambridgeshire Explorer CD-ROM

(Please do not send a link to this page to anyone else.)



The Cambridgeshire Explorer CD-ROM


No reported errors (31st December 2002)


The Cambridge Explorer CD-ROM



Announcements See Below

Technical Advice See Below

Known Errors See Below

The Launch Details of the Official Launch of the Cambridge Explorer on12th July 2001

What the Papers Say Links and extracts of what the papers have said about the Cambridge Explorer

Surname Prevalence Lists - Listed by Surname Surname Prevalence Lists from the 1904 WP Spalding Street Directory of Cambridge

Surname Prevalence Lists - Listed by Occurance Surname Prevalence Lists from the 1904 WP Spalding Street Directory of Cambridge

Photograph Prevalence Lists Numbers of all photographs per section.



1. VML & the W3C (WWW Consortium) (Posted - 6th July 2001)

On early web pages and on the first batch of CDs; we reported that VML was a standard

of the W3C. This was incorrect. VML is a note, submitted to the W3C for recommendation.

VML specifications were created jointly by Autodesk Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Macromedia Inc.,

Microsoft Corporation, and Visio Corporation.


2. The Cambridgeshire Explorer CD-ROM (Updated 28th January 2002)

Work has already begun on the next CD-ROM, namely The CambridgeSHIRE Explorer.

The format will be similar, using the 1904 Kelly's Directory for Cambridgeshire and Kelly's Maps.

We hope to have at least 5 photographs of each location and many more of the larger villages and towns.

Please do not forget to complete & submit your registration form for The Cambridge Explorer, as this will entitle you to a

significant discount off the recommended retail price.

Publication is due to be 1st October 2002. Expected price 22 if we can get it on 1 CD

Follow the link to see further information

The Cambridgeshire Explorer CD-ROM


Technical Advice

1. Completion of the Registration Form (Posted 6th July 2001)

There is no CD Serial No. on the CD. Please leave this section blank.


2. Internet Option Settings (Posted 27th November 2001)

Mr RW e-mailed the following tip to me.

Just one little point on running this CD that you might like to make a note

of, in case of any other recipient having the same problem - this was a

little one I was able to sort out myself almost straightaway.

In Internet Explorer, from Tools on the menu bar you can select Internet

Options. (Because you're running a CD-ROM, you might not think of going

there). At the bottom of the General tab, there is an Accessibility button.

If you select this, you get a dialog that includes, under Formatting, three

check boxes for ignoring colours, ignoring font styles and ignoring font

sizes. These check boxes are important because they affect not just

Internet Explorer but also (although there's nothing to tell you about this)

Outlook Express, the e-mail client that is very closely tied to Internet


I normally run with the font style and size boxes checked because of the

horrible typography of some commercial e-mails I receive using Outlook

Express, which I prefer to see in (some would say boring) good old Times

Roman. With your CD-ROM, however, it is important to have these check boxes

cleared, as otherwise the alphabetical lists that go with Spalding's street

directory are very likely not to display correctly - mine didn't until I'd

unchecked these boxes.

I hope you find this comment/tip of value to you.

Bottom of Form



Known Errors

Report Errors to

1. Photographs - Public Houses - Index (Category C) - (Posted 3rd August 2001)

The Castle Hotel (after the fire) photograph and description are incorrectly aligned.

However the hyperlink on the photograph still works, so no action is required.

2. Photographs - The Leys School - (Posted 28th January 2002)

It has been pointed out that the descriptions for the Photographs of the Leys School, incorrectly state that this is a Preparatory

School. This is not the case. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

3. Catharine (Posted 8th April 2002)

Many references to Catharine College & Catharine Street have been mis-typed (spell-checked/corrected by PC) as Catherine.

The author apologises for this over-sight.


Last updated : 31st December 2002

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