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The Photograph Collection
The Photographs date from around 1880 through to the present day. Most of the photographs dated before
1960 were provided by courtesy of the Cambridgeshire Collection.
There are over 500 photographs dating before 1950 and another 500 plus from 1950 to the present day.
The photographs appear in 6 different categories.
The Streets The Colleges
The Churches The Public Houses
The Trades
Miscellaneous (10 sub sections)
Includes : Transport, Public Buildings, Events,
Parks, River Views & Schools
Each section uses the same style interface, with an Alphabetical Selection at the top of the screen, which
either takes you to the appropriate section of the page or to a separate page. In the case of the Colleges &
Churches these use an alphabetical list of names.
Just click on the letter or name you require.
Each photograph has been placed on a standard template, which should allow printing to a single sheet of
A4 paper. Click on the photograph again to see a "max-view" version of the photograph, then scroll around
the screen to see the amazing detail of each photograph. You will be amazed at the quality of each photograph.
NOTE: The Photographs used on this web-site are of low resolution in order to speed up access. The
photographs on the CD-ROM are of high resolution.
Overall Prevalence List (Note: some photographs appear in more than one section)
No of Photographs
Category Cambridgeshire Collection HB Collection TOTAL
Streets 204 181 385
Colleges 134 182 316
Churchs 36 54 90
Public Houses 52 70 122
Traders 71 1 72
Miscellaneous 105 91 196
Total   602 579 1181
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Background Photograph = Leavis, Regent Street, now a Pizza Hut
Last Updated 18/10/2002
Hugo Brown (2001)
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