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The W.P Spalding Maps of Cambridge for 1904, 1924 & 1949
The W.P.Spalding 1904 Map of Cambridge A detailed section.
Each map can be viewed full screen or broken down in to one of 20 sections (100 for 1949)
A North/South/East/West navigator quickly moves you around the various map sections.
Note: The above maps are at low resolution to speed up this web site.
High Resolution maps are used on the CD-ROM
Find your street in seconds.
Street Index to 1949 Map linked direct to the relevant part of the 1949 Map. With full grid for easy location.
New Super Zoom on 1949 Map. Virtually every street will be readable on a 15" Monitor set at 800x600
resolution. This makes finding your street even easier.
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Last Updated 18th October 2002
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