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The Cambridge Explorer - CD-ROM
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Produced by Hugo Brown in association with “The Cambridgeshire Collection”.
An Interactive guide to Cambridge, it’s Colleges, Churches, Streets & much more over the last 130 years.
Over 1,000 high resolution photographs both New & Old
5 Major Categories Include: Streets, Colleges, Churches, Public Houses & Trades. 500 Photographs have been supplied by The Cambridgeshire Collection. 
3 Highly Detailed Cambridge Maps
The W.P. Spalding Maps of Cambridge for 1904, 1924 and 1949 have been included.  A full street index for 1949 links direct to the correct section of the map. 
5 Interactive Tours
There are tours of the town centre using the 1904 W.P Spalding map as a guide. Including colleges, churches & pubs and two city centre tours, one around the turn of 20th century and the other around the turn of the Millennium.
14,555 People & Businesses Included in the 1904 Street Directory
The complete W.P. Spalding Street Directory of Cambridge for 1904 has been fully indexed in 10 different ways: indexes of Pages, Streets, Surnames, Advertisements,  Businesses, Churches, Colleges, Occupations, House Names and Public Houses. Each index entry includes a direct hyperlink to the colour facsimile of the original page of the Directory. 
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Last Update 1st March 2010
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