The Oxford Explorer CD-ROM - DEMO
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Interactive Historical Guides on CD-ROM
1,250 High Resolution Photographs dating from 1880 to 2003, covering
every aspect of Oxford. Most of the colleges and churches are
extensively covered. There are street scenes and an unusual collection
of street signs. There are 50 major indexes with over 300 sub categories,
together these will help you find the photographs you want.
7 High Resolution Maps - 3 for the City Centre dating from 1852 to 1928.
3 for the County dating from 1800 to 1898 and there is copy of the 1675
strip road map from Oxford to Cambridge by John Ogilby.
The Tour Map - Explore the county and city of Oxford with the aid
of the Tour Map. For the City you can select streets or buildings and
be transported direct to the photographs for your selection.
15,500 Names have been Transcribed and Indexed from the 1895
Kelly's County Directory for Oxfordshire.
Each entry is linked direct to the scanned image of the original entry.
There are indexes for Surnames, Occupations, House Names and many
All Images are designed to be printed to a single sheet of A4
Click on the Red Highlighted Boxes above to continue your tour.
Hugo Brown 2003
12th October 2003