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Explore OLD Cambridgeshire in the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a Pentium PC, a CD Drive, MS Internet Explorer v5.0 or newer and plenty of Time.


189 Locations (Click here to find out more)


189 locations detailed in the Kelly’s Directory of

Cambridgeshire for 1904 for the Old County of

Cambridgeshire are covered.

The Location Pages will contain Photographs and

links to the 1904 Kelly’s Directory and 1904 Kelly’s

Map for Cambridgeshire.




1,687 Photographs (Click here to find out more)


1,000 photographs have been provided by the Cambridgeshire

Collection and these date from 1860 to 1960 and nearly 700

photographs are being added by the author from his own collection.

Scenes include village signs, churches, schools, and railway stations,

and much more. All locations have at least 5 photographs (except)

Childerley (now a private estate). The larger villages & towns have

many more, Cambridge & Ely have 50 photographs.



Kelly’s Trade Directory of Cambridgeshire for 1904 (Click here to find out more)


Kelly’s 1904 Directory of Cambridgeshire will be fully indexed to help you

find your ancestors. There will be indexes for Surnames, Locations,

Occupations, House Names and Advertisements.


There are over 19,500 names and businesses transcribed and index here,

with links to the colour facsimile held on the CD-ROM. The population in

1901 for old Cambridgeshire was just over 190,000, so approximately 10%

of names are covered. When you consider that the average household had

many relations under the same roof, the percentage of families

covered is much larger than 10%.





Kelly’s 1904 Map pf Cambridgeshire (Click here to find out more)


Kelly’s Map for 1904 covering the Old County of Cambridgeshire:

This will be fully hyper-linked to the Location Pages. Just click on the

village, town or city of your choice on the map and you will be

transported to a fully detailed page about your choice.


Two railway maps will also be included, plus a 1904 street map of








Major advancements since the “Cambridge Explorer CD-ROM”

  1. Hyper-linked Maps to take you to the Location pages.
  2. Zoom facility added to the Maps & Kelly’s Directory for greater ease of viewing the minute detail.
  3. *New* Photograph Album. Go through the complete collection of photographs, without having to go back and forth from the index pages.
  4. The location pages include thumbnails arranged 5 across the page, so more thumbnails are visible at any time.


This all fits (just) on to one CD-ROM with a Retail Price of £20 including P&P.


If you enjoyed the Cambridge Explorer CD-ROM, then be prepared to be amazed by this new exciting CD-ROM.


   System Requirements:-

   Any Pentium based PC (200MHz plus recommended) with a CD-ROM Drive and

    Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later required.



23rd January 2003


© Hugo Brown (2003)