This product is supplied subject to the condition that if you use the information supplied on this disk in any way you are deemed to have accepted these Conditions of Sale. If you are not willing to accept these Conditions of Sale you must immediately return the disk to your supplier, or The Cambridge Explorer at the address below. No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage in transit. A full refund will be given provided the goods are returned in good condition and no breach of these conditions has occurred.


RIGHTS GRANTED: The program, images and data on this CD ROM are supplied for private study and academic research only. The Cambridge Explorer grants to you a transferable right to use this compact disk subject to the conditions contained in this notice.


You MAY copy the product to one computer hard drive for use by one user and make reference quality prints using only the facility provided within the program. Any reference quality prints made using this program are subject to the same conditions of sale restrictions as this program and may not be reproduced or used for commercial purposes.


RESTRICTIONS: You MAY NOT copy the information on this CD-ROM in whole or in part in any form for sale, rent, or lease or for any commercial purpose.


No other rights are granted or implied and The Cambridge Explorer reserves all other rights in the images and the software on this CD ROM.


Requests for REPRODUCTION PERMISSION: If you wish to reproduce any photograph on the CD ROM for commercial purposes, please contact The Cambridge Explorer at the address below for details.


Copyright 2001 Hugo Brown (Alias The Cambridge Explorer)


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