The Demonstrator   This is the Home Page used on the finished CD-ROM    
  Goto Order1.htm    
    Click here to see a facsimile page from the W.P.Spalding Directory        
The finished version takes you to the indexes so that you can find the entry you are looking for.  
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  to see a   Click here to see an  
  sample of   example of the  
  the maps   photographs.  
  The Tours    
  (not operating    
  on this demo)    
  Take you to   The common menu  
  the Tours   found on most screens  
    for quick navigation  
    around the data, maps  
    & photographs  
  This Site                    
  Welcome1   General Information about the CD-ROM        
  Welcome2   About W.P. Spalding Directories        
  Welcome3   About W.P. Spalding Maps          
  Welcome4   About the Photographs          
  Welcome5   5 Tours withs maps & photographs        
  Links   Links to Genealogy & History Sites        
  Order Info   Details of How to Order          
  Demo   A slow Demo showing a little of what the CD-ROM can do.      
  Last Update 22.1.2001      
  Hugo Brown (2001)